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Fingerprint Flip Safe Box Fireproof Lock Security 1.0/1.53/1.8 Cu ft Home Office

Fingerprint Flip Safe Box Fireproof Lock Security 1.0/1.53/1.8 Cu ft Home Office
Fingerprint Flip Safe Box Fireproof Lock Security 1.0/1.53/1.8 Cu ft Home Office

Fingerprint Flip Safe Box Fireproof Lock Security 1.0/1.53/1.8 Cu ft Home Office   Fingerprint Flip Safe Box Fireproof Lock Security 1.0/1.53/1.8 Cu ft Home Office

Fingerprint Flip Safe Box Fireproof Lock Security 1.0/1.53/1.8 Cu ft Home Office. 0.1S Quick Access Biometric Safe/Fingerprint Collector can Be Hidden/Three Unlocking Methods? DIOSMIO home safe with biometric fingerprint technology can quickly access your safe in 0.1 seconds.

Up to 20 fingerprints can be entered. Also the fingerprint collector can be flipped and hidden, enhancing beauty and security. And there are 3 unlocking methods:1. HD LCD Display Combination Safe/Reinforced Solid Steel Structure? The electronic digital security safe is made of newly upgraded reinforced solid steel material, and it is pry-proof.

Equipped with HD LCD display, which can display password time, date, power, etc. And can also query the last door opening record. The date and time can be set, and the password can also be hidden.

3 thick 0.98in deadbolts, 10mm steel door and 2mm steel body feature a durable powder coat finish that resists corrosion for ultimate break-in protection. Fingerprint Safe with Movable and Detachable Shelf?

DIOSMIO digital security LCD display safe is specially designed with detachable partitions, which can also be moved up and down to meet the storage needs of items of different sizes and increase utilization. Note: The partitions of the 0.8/1.0 size safe box are removable but not removable. The 1.53/1.8 size has a larger capacity, has two removable partitions, and can be moved up and down. So please choose the appropriate size according to your capacity needs.

Double Password/Double Alarm System Safe Box for Home? DIOSMIO home safe can set two passwords for administrator and user, double passwords increase privacy and security protection. Moreover, when the thief continuously tries to access with wrong fingerprint or password, the safe will emit a "beep" alarm sound, and the alarm can be cancelled only by entering the correct fingerprint or password.

Ahe same time, when the induction alarm mode is turned on, if the thief remove the safe, the induction alarm system will be triggered and an alarm will be issued. Safe with LED Lights and Built In Key Hook? Compared with other styles of security safe box, DIOSMIO equips the fireproof safe with LED lights for easy access at night. And the built in key hook is set on the back of the door, which can be used to store keys and increase the effective utilization of the fingerprint safe box. You can safely isolate dangerous goods such as pistols and medicines from your children.

If you have any questions or have any questions, please contact me at the first time. DIOSMIO Biometric Safe Home Safe with HD LCD(Four Sizes:0.8/1.0/1.53/1.8). This DIOSMIO fireproof safe box fingerprint with HD LCD screen is made of a newly upgraded solid steel structure, and with sensitive fingerprint unlocking technology, the biometric safe can be quickly accessed within 0.1S through biometric fingerprints.

The whole body is pry-proof, with LED lights and keychains. The security boxsafe has dual alarm functions for wrong password and vibration induction. There are 4 sizes of the same safe box for you to choose from: 0.8/1.0/1.53/1.8. The higher the number, the higher the capacity. And 20 Fingerprints can be Entered.

This DIOSMIO fingerprint safe box adopts new biometric fingerprint technology. After the fingerprint touches the fingerprint collector, the home safe can be accessed within 0.1S. At the same time, we have equipped this biometric safe with an HD LCD screen, which can be used to display the time, date, power, password (the password can also be hidden), the last time the door was opened, and so on.

This fire safe is designed with 3 unlocking methods. Emergency key + knob (can be used when the battery is dead or the password is forgotten, so do not store the emergency key in the safe).

Details of this fingerprint safe. The fingerprint collector of the digital safe box can be quickly unlocked within 0.1S, and a maximum of 20 fingerprints can be recorded And the fingerprint collector is hidden, increasing security. The HD LCD Screen can display the time, date, password, battery level, etc. It can query the last unlock time and unlock method, and can also hide the password and setting time. 4 Key Hook and LED Lights.

1.4 key hooks are specially designed on the back of the safe's door to increase utilization(Be careful not to hang the key of the safe here). At the same time, the designed LED light is convenient for you to access at night. An additional waterproof and fireproof document bag can be used to store documents, jewelry, cash, watches and other important items. The size of the fireproof bag for the 0.8 size is 2030cm, and the size of the fireproof bag for the 1.0/1.53/1.8 size configuration is 3524cm.

This safe is additionally equipped with an external battery box, which is convenient for passing the battery and opening the door when the battery is dead. The partition is specially designed not only to be disassembled, but also to move up and down.

It is convenient to use the space of the safe box flexibly. Note: The 0.8/1.0 size partition is removable, and the 1.53/1.8 size partition can be removed and moved up and down. The Biometric Safe Box is Suitable for Multiple Scenarios.

DIOSMIO safe box is suitable for a variety of scenarios. The safe can be placed in a family bedroom, wardrobe, etc, or it can be installed and fixed in the wall to hide it to protect important properties. The safe box can also be used to isolate children from dangerous goods such as medicines and pistols. The safe box can also be used to protect important documents in the office, and company seals, important keys, etc. If you need to travel for a long time, you can carry the safe box with you in the RV to protect your important property.

We have designed different sizes of safes to meet the needs of different groups of people. DIOSMIO safe box is dedicated to protecting your property and is the best choice for safes. If this brought up any inconvenience to you, please accept our apology.

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  • Sizes: 1.0 Cub Feet
  • Type: Fire Safe
  • Brand: DIOSMIO
  • Lock Type: Biometric
  • Suitable For: Money,Valuables,Weapons
  • Features: Adjustable Shelves,Alarm,Fire Resistant,Waterproof
  • Lock Mechanism: Combination
  • Size: Large
  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Black
  • Number of Keys: 2
  • Security Rating: A
  • Year Manufactured: 2022

Fingerprint Flip Safe Box Fireproof Lock Security 1.0/1.53/1.8 Cu ft Home Office   Fingerprint Flip Safe Box Fireproof Lock Security 1.0/1.53/1.8 Cu ft Home Office