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Gun Safe 10 Rifle Rack Security Storage Cabinet Locker Pistol Shotgun Handgun

Gun Safe 10 Rifle Rack Security Storage Cabinet Locker Pistol Shotgun Handgun
Gun Safe 10 Rifle Rack Security Storage Cabinet Locker Pistol Shotgun Handgun
Gun Safe 10 Rifle Rack Security Storage Cabinet Locker Pistol Shotgun Handgun
Gun Safe 10 Rifle Rack Security Storage Cabinet Locker Pistol Shotgun Handgun
Gun Safe 10 Rifle Rack Security Storage Cabinet Locker Pistol Shotgun Handgun
Gun Safe 10 Rifle Rack Security Storage Cabinet Locker Pistol Shotgun Handgun
Gun Safe 10 Rifle Rack Security Storage Cabinet Locker Pistol Shotgun Handgun
Gun Safe 10 Rifle Rack Security Storage Cabinet Locker Pistol Shotgun Handgun
Gun Safe 10 Rifle Rack Security Storage Cabinet Locker Pistol Shotgun Handgun
Gun Safe 10 Rifle Rack Security Storage Cabinet Locker Pistol Shotgun Handgun
Gun Safe 10 Rifle Rack Security Storage Cabinet Locker Pistol Shotgun Handgun
Gun Safe 10 Rifle Rack Security Storage Cabinet Locker Pistol Shotgun Handgun

Gun Safe 10 Rifle Rack Security Storage Cabinet Locker Pistol Shotgun Handgun    Gun Safe 10 Rifle Rack Security Storage Cabinet Locker Pistol Shotgun Handgun

Gun Safe 10 Rifle Rack Security Storage Cabinet Locker Pistol Shotgun Handgun. Stack-On GCWB-10-5-DS Sentinel 10-Gun Security Cabinet- Rifle Storage Locker. Holds 10 rifles or shotguns up to 52 tall. Steel top shelf provides additional storage or is removable. Stack On 10-gun security cabinet features a foam padded bottom and barrel rests.

3-point locking system with key coded, double-bitted lock. Dimensions of gun storage cabinet: 17"W x 13-1/2"D x 53H. Removable steel top shelf provides additional storage for accessories and ammo.

Stack On 10-gun safe is durable, strong and has an attractive look. Slim design means it will fit into more spaces. Keep your guns and ammo safe and secure with the Stack-On GCWB-10-5-DS Sentinel Gun Cabinet Rifle Storage Locker.

It holds up to 10 rifles or shotguns up to 52 tall. A steel top shelf provides additional storage for accessories and ammo. It can also be removed to allow for more space. The shelf is positioned in the back of the cabinet so longer guns can be stored in the front of the cabinet, even with the shelf in place. This Stack-On 10 gun safe features a foam padded bottom and barrel rests to reduce the chance of scratches.

A three-point locking system with a key coded, double-bitted lock provides greater security for your firearms. The Stack-On gun cabinet has a black epoxy paint finish with gold accents on the cabinet door.

It is slim enough to fit in many spaces. You can rest easy knowing your guns are securely put away with the Stack-On GCWB-10-5-DS Sentinel Gun Cabinet- Rifle Storage Locker. Assembled Product Weight: 62.6 lbs. Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 17.00 x 13.50 x 53.00 Inches.

Great responsible home safety remedy. Great peace of mind gun safe - keeps all in one safe place. I needed additional security for the 2nd floor and this fit perfectly in the closet. I had to drill a hole in the back to line up with the wall stud, but that's easy if your handy with a drill. It was in perfect shape with all that was listed as included.

I'm not sure I could get 10 large guns in it but it does the job well for what I have and is only meant for moderate security. This NOT a safe so I won't compare it to a safe. It is a locking metal box and as such it is well made and looks fine. It provides a modicum of security for my guns.

It is an economical way to store guns. This is an awesome, entry level piece that does just what I wanted it to do. Gives me peace of mind knowing that my guns are locked up and out of the hands of young ones. Will attach to floor and the wall for added security. Its a bit wobbly when standing but other than that its built very well. For the price it's a very good item. Great cabinet with good locking device. Looks nice and arrived assembled. Overall packaging materials were not so good and cabinet arrived with small dent. Just VERY VERY dark inside. Amazing for long guns and ammo.

I have several long guns with scopes and one handgun plus ammo. I need to have a safe to put my valuables and office equipment. This is a very good and reliable safe. Arrived quickly, great cabinet for the price. This cabinet arrived in good condition, with just a small scratch/dent on front door.

No big deal since it's going in a closet and a sharpie colored the spot just fine. The keys were right on top of the cabinet, as mentioned on the box, and the shelf was easy to install. If you have long guns (shotguns, etc) this cabinet will NOT hold 10 guns unless you dont install the shelf. It will hold shorter guns under the shelf but only a couple longer guns on the sides, in front of the shelf. Good simple but solid gun storage. It's great for all I need it for. It would be nice if the shelf had a lip on it to keep things from possibly falling off, but no real problems with it. Was easy to move and secure to the studs. On another note, if you do plan on storing ammo with your guns, PLEASE consider putting ammo in a steel ammo box with its own lock. Good for saftey and worth the price. Called customer service and they were on it, super easy to get a representative on the line and they were able to send me another one right away. I was skeptical of this after reading the reviews. I recently moved cross country and didn't want to take them with me. I got it because it fits my guns nicely and locks safely so that my girls cannot get to my guns. It's not meant to take the place of a heavy duty gun safe, it's exactly as described... Its super light weight and as cheap as it costs, pretty good quality for what you are paying.

If you are looking for something on a budget and need something to keep guns safely tucked away this works great. If you want something fire proof and heavy duty that someone cannot break into this is not for you.

It's a Christmas present so it hasn't been opened yet. Will Follow up once it's opened. But shelf can't be used. Only drawback is that the shelf can not be used if you have full size shotguns. My pump and double barrel shotguns wouldn't go in the safe because the shelf was too low. You can redrill the holes and install it higher. But I just left it out.

Other than that I love it! My pump and double barrel shotguns wouldn??? T go in the safe because the shelf was too low. Good cabinet for the price.

Everything was good except one of the foam pads. The adhesive didn't stick very well to the pad and now one of the small pads falls off so have a roll of double sided tape in case this happens to you. The other thing is if you have many guns with scopes you will not get 10 guns in it.

Amazing for this low price! Positives: Comes 99% pre-assembled I just had to add the shelf and I screwed it to the wall and attach the foam'barrel landing pads'. It has hardware and pre-drilled holes to attach it to the wall. Thre lock is a 3 point lock (middle, top, bottom) and has a double sided tumbler to make it harder to pic. It's fairly light so one person can carry it.

The finish on it seems excellent. I'm very surprised for the low price. FYI: Since it is just a cabinet with thinner metal it's not a quiet operation.

In my case who cares. Its half the depth of the cabinet. Its to make room for longer guns toward the front sides of the safe. I extended my shelf by just putting a piece of cardboard on the shelf that's a little bigger.

It's enough to hold my pistols. Negative: The only 1 true negative that I think they could fix and keep the same price is better adhesive on the foam barrel pads.

If a rifle isn't holding them up they fall off. I LOVE the dark color and the beautiful shine. However, MINE arrived with a small dent on the right side. Easy to install and very durable. The top shelf is good size to store smaller items.

Comes fully assembled except the shelf, I thought it would require assembly. The stick on foam to lean the rifles against is not really very good. I found some magnetic ones on amazon that work perfect. It arrived fast and wasn't at all difficult to install.

It's deceptively roomy inside and very sturdy. This is a great security cabinet. Its not as sturdy or fire safe as a typical, more expensive safe; but it gets the job done. We have a little one and wanted our guns to be locked away securely.

This does that job perfectly. It does allow for mounting to the floor or wall for more security, but we haven't done that yet. The cabinet comes already put together. All you need to do is install a shelf, and that was done in less than 2 minutes.

The box was dinged up in a couple of spots, but the cabinet came out flawless. I highly recommend this for anyone wanting a little extra security and safety. Product is OK at best. This pretty well built, however, it like all of the other reviews. It has a dent in it.

Fortunately it is the back corner out of sight. Great deal priced right for keeping things safe and out of sight. I'm glad to have the gun cabinet in my house. Nice security gabinet Only for my bebes take off. The cabinet came in great condition and for the price, is well made. I secured it to the wall and is very durable.

The only thing is the foam that is to hold the guns in place came loose. There is an adhesive that secures them on the walls of cabinet. Mine doesn't stay in place which is annoying.

I thought I would say something about the questions/concerns that some expressed. The keys: Some have said that they couldn't find keys. They weren't taped to anything... And the tape holding the bottom of the box closed was loose on one side so I'm lucky they were still there.

The key number and serial number were on the back of the cabinet so I could have gotten new keys but it would have been a real hassle. The cabinet itself: Some have slammed it because it isn't a safe. The title doesn't even call it a safe so they should have been paying attention.

What it is, is a heavy gauge steel cabinet. It will hold at least ten guns though only four of them can be long guns because the shelf in the back can be a problem. Don't install the shelf and you can hold ten long guns. Installation: Anchor it to the wall and floor and it will be solid and difficult to break into. Attaching it to a floor that has carpet on it will require longer lag screws than those provided.

The provided screws are barely long enough to go through the floor of the cabinet, carpet and a pad. They won't hold in a wooden sub-floor because they just don't go deep enough into it. Does exactly what I needed it to do... Keep guns securely locked away and out of the hands of children. It looks very good, excellent paint job.

The lock mechanism slides bars into position at the top and bottom as well as at the lock itself. Nothing to get a pry bar onto. My only somewhat negative comment: The barrels are only separated by soft foam. Not very substantial but it does do the job. This is qualifed under Wa.

State law to safely hold your hand guns. I found that it was easy to bolt to the floor and wall. All holes pre cut and bolts supplied. It is a very affordable gun storage cabinet and secre enough to keep children out.

It is not a safe, thieves could brake into with out much problem. Nick name below is not me and could not be changed. 10 shotguns with no problems. Stick on racks work fine. Very sharp looking, and the keys works like it should.

Did not use the shelf but looks sturdy not a safe but works for what u need it for secure locked guns. Great for what it is - ample room for rifles but limited room for anything else. Well made, lock mechanism works smooth and secures at 3 points. It was perfect for my needs. Came fully assembled except for small interior shelf.

FYI I never give anything 5 stars. Good product for buyers with realistic expectation.

My principal goal was to have a secure place to store my firearms that would be out of harm's way when my grandchildren visit. In that respect this product is highly appropriate.

As other reviewers have said do not delude yourself that this is any kind of'safe' which will protect your guns from theft, fire, water damage, etc. It's all just stuff in the end BTW my unit came in perfect condition. Little on the light side but in like other reviews mine did not come with a??? In the door or sides.

Not bad for a security cabinet just could use a better foam rest. Holds all of our guns perfectly. The key comes taped to the bottom of the bag the safe comes in so watch out for it. Took us a while to find. Very well finished and does look good.

Great for keeping firearms out of little hands Would highly recomend. Great Gun Locker for the Price.

It was lighter than expected, the shelf and foam need to be installed, and make sure you attach it to your wall to secure it. Overall quite solid, door locks securely. Be warned that it will only fit 4 rifles over 36'. Otherwise, great product at a great price. This is only a light weight locker, it is not a safe.

The 10 long guns does match the title. Fits them nicely, as well as a few handguns on the shelf (I bought a foam handgun rack that stands them vertical and fits more)This isn't one of the DIY assemle it ones, this comes ready to go and is quite sturdy. This isn't a safe, it's a gun cabinet which is exactly what I wanted for now. The gun locker was absolutely gourgeous, no damage as stated by some purchasers, more than I could have imagined.

It was exactly as advertised. I'm not sure you could fit 10 rifles in it, but it is a great deal for the price and certainly does the job. Very well made cabinet, not a safe by any means, but keeps guns securely locked away from grandkids. Lost a star for the cheap foam dividers. They are functional, but something firmer would be nice. Came assembled except for small upper shelf.

Definitely worth the price I paid. Good quality, however the foam shouldn't be placed as high. I have 2 guns that the barrel doesnt reach it.

An Adequate Cabinet for the Price. This is a very adequate gun cabinet for someone on a budget who wants to have at least the pretense of security for their firearms. Like any security device, this one can be defeated by a determined bad actor but the average residential crook would probably need at least a couple hours to get inside this cabinet unless they had specialized tools. Even then, they would probably damage the at least some of the firearms inside while attempting entry. This is rated as a ten-gun cabinet but I don't see how more than six would fit unless you wanted to play firearms Tetris and unload firearms near the door to get at ones in the rear.

I expect that the foam barrel'racks' will need to be replaced in about a decade or so. I will probably fabricate a custom replacement from wood at some later date. The shelf is only about 1/2 the depth of the cabinet; a full-depth shelf would work better for me. The exterior of the box was pristine, so I didn't expect to find damage but with the Walmart staff's assistance, I opened the box top, peered inside, and saw no damage. Despite this, and like other reviewers, mine had a dimple on one of the corners that I didn't see until I got the cabinet unpacked at home.

It was not enough to justify re-boxing it, and returning to Walmart though. Their website gave just the right amount of communication (including a heads-up that the cabinet would arrive a day later than originally promised). The local Walmart staff were polite and very helpful. This cabinet is what it is. I expect it to give me many years of service. Good alternative to expensive safe. Nice cabinet overall for the price. Low cost way to secure long guns without the cost of an actual safe. Only criticism is the support to hold the rifle barrels. Cheap foam with tape backing - Couldn't get much cheaper. Would have give it 5 stars if it weren't for the foam support for the barrels. Best bang for your buck! Very cost effective rifle cabinet. This is not a safe, but will provide enough security to keep your rifles from unauthorized family members and visitors. The item arrived ahead of schedule and without any dents. I did some research and this is one of the best cabinets on this price range!

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  • Modified Item: No
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Brand: Stack-On
  • Model: GCWB-10-5-DS
  • For Gun Type: Handgun
  • Features: Display Case
  • Type: Cabinet
  • Material: Steel
  • Number of Guns: 10
  • MPN: GCWB105DS

Gun Safe 10 Rifle Rack Security Storage Cabinet Locker Pistol Shotgun Handgun    Gun Safe 10 Rifle Rack Security Storage Cabinet Locker Pistol Shotgun Handgun