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Safe Liberty Safes Lincoln Model 25 Gun Safe Fire Security Luxury Vault

Safe Liberty Safes Lincoln Model 25 Gun Safe Fire Security Luxury Vault
Safe Liberty Safes Lincoln Model 25 Gun Safe Fire Security Luxury Vault
Safe Liberty Safes Lincoln Model 25 Gun Safe Fire Security Luxury Vault
Safe Liberty Safes Lincoln Model 25 Gun Safe Fire Security Luxury Vault
Safe Liberty Safes Lincoln Model 25 Gun Safe Fire Security Luxury Vault
Safe Liberty Safes Lincoln Model 25 Gun Safe Fire Security Luxury Vault
Safe Liberty Safes Lincoln Model 25 Gun Safe Fire Security Luxury Vault
Safe Liberty Safes Lincoln Model 25 Gun Safe Fire Security Luxury Vault
Safe Liberty Safes Lincoln Model 25 Gun Safe Fire Security Luxury Vault
Safe Liberty Safes Lincoln Model 25 Gun Safe Fire Security Luxury Vault
Safe Liberty Safes Lincoln Model 25 Gun Safe Fire Security Luxury Vault

Safe Liberty Safes Lincoln Model 25 Gun Safe Fire Security Luxury Vault    Safe Liberty Safes Lincoln Model 25 Gun Safe Fire Security Luxury Vault

Liberty Safes - Lincoln Series Model 25 Security Safe. Ordered in 2004 delivered new in 2005... With high gloss black finish; classic polished brass dial locking mechanism, three point polished brass wheel handle, gold pinstripe, artwork, and trim. Beige velour 4-1 FLEX material shelving and interior walls that add functionality and convenience.

An interior open door sensor rope lighting kit upgrade, interior concrete floor bolt upgrade, and interior dehumidifying DRI ROD upgrade. It is in absolutely flawless condition.

This unit offers full customization; and up-gradable to accommodate most Liberty Safes offered products (keypad electronic battery powered lock, media cooler, door pockets). If this safe is ever damaged due to break-in, theft or fire, Liberty will repair or replace it for life! Includes documentation, combination, and keys. The safe was recently cleaned out and moved to the garage to remodel our home and is sitting on a pallet, ready for a new home.

Note The Liberty Safes dealer installed concrete anchor bolt kit does not come with it since we moved the safe obviously. You would need to install a new bolt kit, but the holes have already been drilled for you by Liberty Safes. #1 Rated Safe in America! Liberty Safe Lincoln Series Model 25 offers outstanding security and protection at an amazingly affordable price. The simple, yet elegant styling of high gloss finish fits any decor.

The 4" thick door is protected on all sides by robust 1" bolts. Fire Protection and incredible Security Features, it is no wonder the Liberty Lincoln Safe has been consistently voted as the #1 Rated Safe by Sportsman throughout the country. Lincoln safes also include Liberty's sleek 3-point Handle, and beautiful Upgraded Interiors.

When it comes to class, the Lincoln's got it! The Liberty Safe Lincoln series features upgraded ball-bearing hardplate snaps drill bits. The Lincoln security gun safe protects valuables from fire damage with four 5/8 fireboard ceilings over three layers of fireboard walls.

Built to be the best. See how they are made. 13 1 cam drive bolt locking mechanism on all four sides with a slip clutch three point polished brass handle.

Three "Drill Shattering" Ball Bearing Floating Hard-plates. UL Listed, Sargent & Greenleaf Brass polished S&G Group II Mechanical Lock.

Measures 30" W X 60.5" H X 27.5" with an internal depth of 24". SECURITY FEATURE #1: UNI-BODY CONSTRUCTION. Liberty's exclusive and state-of-the-art roll form process uses a unique and secure 2-piece design. Process precisely folds coiled steel into any one of 6 models.

BENEFITS of Liberty's UNI-BODY CONSTRUCTION. No seams on the front and sides of the top - the most vulnerable place for prying or breaking of welds.

Liberty's roll-form process and robotic welding produces stronger welds and a more rigid box. The back of each 2-piece safe is robotically welded to the safe body, melting the seams to resist bending, prying, cutting, splitting and distortion. This is key to defending against security attacks and distortion during hot searing fires. Liberty's UNI-BODY Construction bends with more accuracy and tighter tolerances for more consistent safes and performance.

SECURITY FEATURE #2: COMPOSITE DOORS. Liberty's High tech computerized robotics bend each composite door. Each door is laser and punch cut from one sheet of steel, then robotically folded into either a 1-inch or 1-1/2 thick door. Insulation is installed between the outer and inside steel shells. BENEFITS of Liberty's STEEL COMPOSITE DOORS.

Thicker composite doors increase the security and fire protection of a safe. Composite doors are tougher to pry due to thicker edges. Composite doors increase the fire protection of the safe all the way to the door edge (unlike the last 2 of plate doors). This improves overall fire performance.

SECURITY FEATURE #3: HINGES - INTERNAL & EXTERNAL. Internal Hinges are ball-bearing operated and located on the inside of the safe and attached to the safe body. External Hinges like those on the National Security models are ball-bearing operated and located on the outside of the safe and attached to the safe body. BENEFITS of INTERNAL HINGES (ALL LIBERTY SAFES MODELS).

Fully welded inside hinges prevents a thief from tampering, cutting or torching off the gun safe hinges. Internal hinges provide extra resistance against prying or bending of the door. Smooth sliding ball-bearing hinges add an automatic door stop to protect walls from damage. BENEFITS of EXTERNAL HINGES (NATIONAL SECURITY MODELS). Fully welded external safe hinges include all active bolts on all four sides of the inside of the door to prevent removal of door even if the hinges are tampered with. National Security safes are UL Listed for security as well as the internal hinge Liberty Safes. External hinges provide a wider door swing, thus allow for more access to the inside of the interior and valuables. Check your location to determine wider door swing of an external hinge model. National Security safes feature ball-bearing safe door hinges with decorative hinge caps for a beautiful and traditional look.

SECURITY FEATURE #4: UL LISTED MECHANICAL LOCKS. The best locks in the world are on Liberty Safes! Top rated combination dial locks are a standard feature on all large capacity Liberty Safes.

S&G uses a dual functioning heat & drill resistant RELOCKER INSIDE THE LOCKS WE USE ON LIBERTY SAFES. Each mechanical lock has a unique 3-number combination code found in the use & care manual. A key locking dial is standard. Liberty uses two different mechanical locks on their safes. All Franklin and below models receive S&G's popular 6741 lock, which has a +1.25 number dialing tolerance, die cast Zamak lever and wheel centers.

All Lincoln and above models include S&G's upgraded 6730 lock, which has the same +1.25 dialing tolerance, but has dual locking wheels (harder for numbers to slip when spinning the dial too fast and hard), and brass wheel centers for extended durability. Both the 6741 & 6730 include S&G's Magic Module footprint for ease in mounting and switching over to one of S&G's electronic locks. BENEFITS of UL LISTED MECHANICAL LOCKS. Some customers like the traditional feel of a combination dial lock without the worry of replacing batteries. If lock is ever tampered with by drilling or torching, the relocker built inside fires and locks up the last tumbler.

Other safes companies use cheap locks that have NO RELOCKERS. The internal relocker is one of the reasons Liberty locks are UL Listed and more secure.

Key locking dial is a day lock feature that adds security by keeping the dial from turning. Security Note: The keylock alone is not total security. For maximum security, the dial/lock should always be spun by the owner before the key locking dial is used. The "87" key lock feature allows floor models to be locked in the open position (at "87").

Customers can open and close floor models without spinning the dial and locking the safe door. Hardplate is processed steel that has been heat treated to achieve a much harder surface. They are placed in front of the lock to resist drilling of the lock. Liberty uses two (2) types of hardplates-triple layered (Franklin and below) and ball-bearing (Lincoln and above).

BENEFITS of HARDENED STEEL PLATES. Hardplates protect the lock and mechanism from drilling or punching. Liberty installs these anti drill plates with one of the following two methods.

The Triple Layered hardplate shakes and chews up drill bits when drilled. UL couldn't even get through Liberty's second of three hardplates!

They said it was one of the best hardplates systems they have ever run into. The Ball-Bearing hardplate snaps drill bits! When a drill bit hits one of the many ball bearings encased in the security plate the bit snaps or spins on the bearing forever. SECURITY FEATURE #6: LOCKING MECHANISMS.

Liberty offers 3 types of Door Locking Mechanisms. Direct-drive cam mechanism on our entry level safes (Revolution to Colonial). DX-90 Monster Mech, over-center, direct-drive cam mechanism on our better safes and included on all Liberty Tough Doors (Franklin to Lincoln safes). BENEFITS of Liberty's LOCKING MECHANISMS.

The direct-drive cam mechanism (entry level safes) is a smooth direct-drive connection from the mechanism to the door bolts. It's simple, yet very effective in locking the safe.

The DX-90 Monster Mech, over-center cam mechanism BETTER protects against side-bolt punching. The over-center cam removes all pressure from locking bolt with a unique "dead lock" system. This new mechanism is standard feature on all Liberty Tough Doors (Franklin and above safes). All safe lock mechanisms include Liberty's slip-clutch feature.

If the handle is torqued by a heavy pipe or wrench, the handle shaft "slips", releasing lock pressure and keeping it from breaking. SECURITY FEATURE #7: BOLT LOCKING SYSTEM. Active locking bolts come in 3 sizes: 1", 1-1/4" or 1-1/2 in diameter. There are 2 lengths of bolts: 1-3/4" or 2-3/8" in length. Bolts can be located on one-, two-, or four-sides of the door.

All doors include Liberty's Easy Glide Bolt Protectors. BENEFITS of the BOLT LOCKING SYSTEM. Locking bolts interlock and secure the safe door to the body of the safe. The thicker the bolts the higher the security. The higher the number of bolts, the longer the bolts, and the more sides of the door the bolts are on-the tougher the door is to bend during pry attempts and distort during a fire. Easy Glide Bolt Protectors provide for a smooth, tight operation of the locking bolts as they glide in and out of the door. These safe locking devices have a spring-loaded trigger in the lock and mechanism to help thwart drilling, punching or manipulation of the lock or mechanism. You can't see relockers, as they are behind the door panel and inside the door. Liberty uses two types of relockers. The first is built inside the lock. The second is outside of the lock, connecting the back plate of the lock to the spring-loaded firing pin that interlocks with the cam or gear-drive mechanism.

BENEFITS of Liberty's SAFE RELOCKERS. When a thief tries to knock the lock's backplate off or torch the lock, the locks internal spring-loaded relocker fires, preventing the tumbler from completely turning and thus keeping the locking bolt (in the lock housing) from retracting. Liberty adds a second external relocker to the backplate of the lock and the mechanism. If the lock's back plate is punched off, the external relocker fires like a mouse trap, permanently locking up the safe's mechanism.

This keeps the locking bolts from retracting. Even if the lock is completely destroyed the safe is locked tight. BEWARE: Many competitor's safes DO NOT have internal relockers inside their locks or a second external relocker connected to the lock's back plate.

Liberty on the other hand has both! It's one of the reasons Liberty is UL LISTED and they are not! They figure that if you can't see it, you won't need it. Underwriters Laboratories Residential Security Container Certification (RSC).

This means UL hired professional safe crackers try and breach the security of this model safe utilizing testing methods that can include: prying, drilling, punching, chiseling, and tampering attacks to the safe's lock, handle, mechanism and body of the safe. UL even gets to view the engineering drawings prior to the test, thus giving them a head start in knowing where to drill.

This Model 25 Liberty Safe passed! This Liberty Safes Model 25 currently bears a UL symbol of security that it is protected against forced entry and received UL's Residential Security Container (RSC) certification: 8M10. OMEGA POINT LABORATORIES 75 Minute Fire Safe Certified. What separates this Liberty Safes Lincoln model 25 safe away from others brands that claim they are fireproof, might even be bigger, or less expensive? This Liberty Safe Model 25 was independently tested by OMEGA.

Passing a 1000 degree fire safe test for one hour. Earning a 1000 degree OMEGA 75 minute Fire Safe Seal. This means it takes a fire burning at 1000 degrees for over one hour before the inside can reach 275 degrees which paper burns. Keep in mind the average home fire at eye level burns at 600 degrees.

Four layers of 5/8 fire-board ceiling, 3 layers in walls, and full inner door plate. Palusol Heat Activated door seal up to 7 times its size in a fire, sealing out heat and smoke during a fire. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Their have been many updates and upgrades to the Liberty Lincoln Series through the years. However, this Liberty Lincoln model 25 is reasonably priced at 50% off the cost of a new one.

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  • Brand: Liberty
  • Modified Item: Yes
  • Model: Lincoln Model 25
  • Type: Stand-Alone Safe
  • Bundle Description: Instant On/Off Rope Light Kit, 12" DRI Rod, Lifetime Warranty
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Material: Steel
  • Number of Guns: 25
  • Modification Description: Liberty dealer installed instant on Rope Light kit, Dri Rod.

  • For Gun Type: Handgun
  • Features: Combination Lock
  • Custom Bundle: Yes
  • MPN: does not apply

Safe Liberty Safes Lincoln Model 25 Gun Safe Fire Security Luxury Vault    Safe Liberty Safes Lincoln Model 25 Gun Safe Fire Security Luxury Vault